Will Jimmy fall off his platform?

Jelly, 6 bytes


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n⁶Sċ2Ẓ  args: z (e.g. [['/', 'o', '\\'], [' ', '-']] => 0)
        implicit return value: z ([['/', 'o', '\\'], [' ', '-']])
n⁶      dyad-nilad pair ([[1, 1, 1], [0, 1]])
 ⁶       4th command-line argument or space [4th CLA assumed absent] (' ')
n        vectorized inequality ([[1, 1, 1], [0, 1]])
  S     reduction by addition with base case 0 ([1, 2, 1])
   ċ2   dyad-nilad pair (1)
    2    literal (2)
   ċ     number of occurrences of right in left (1)
     Ẓ  primality (0)

JavaScript (ES6), 38 bytes

Takes input as (a)(b). Returns \$0\$ or \$1\$.


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We look for the position of the middle part "o" of Jimmy's body in the first string and test wether there's a dash in the second string at the same position.

b[a.search`o`] == '-'

The only case where Jimmy would be unsafe in this situation is with a single-dash platform:


So we additionally make sure that the platform has a width of at least \$2\$:


JavaScript (ES6), 36 bytes

Alternate version if we assume that there's always either dashes or spaces below Jimmy (i.e. the input is rectangular).


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Takes advantage of the fact that the coercion to a numeric value is \$0\$ for a space and NaN for a dash.

Excel, 67 45 44 bytes


Put Jimmy in A1, on a platform in A2.

2 conditions checked:

  • Is Jimmy's torso (o) on the platform?
  • Is the platform more than just -?