Print 'A' 1000 times with BrainFuck

The method you seem to currently be using is 39 bytes:

>>+++[<-[-<.>]>-]++++[<----->-]<-[-<.>] (not including getting the A) (Try It Online!)

(loop 3 times, each time set the counter to 255 and print that many times, then subtract 20, subtract 1, and print that many times)

However, it is much shorter to loop 250 times and print 4 times each time (thanks to jimmy23013 for optimizing this over my original loop-4 loop-250 print-1 solution):

>------[<....>-] (16 bytes)

If your cells are unbounded (I'm assuming they're 8-bit otherwise you probably wouldn't try using 255 for golfing):

>>++++++++++[<++++++++++[<..........>-]>-] (42 bytes).