Android - Very low to no volume after upgrade to 6.0 marshmellow

Fixed it.

You do need to go in and delete the cache after an update. Everything sounds correct now.

Get into bootloader

  1. Power off phone
  2. Press and hold Vol down , press power button until you seebootloader (3 happy androids on skateboards at bottom of page). Release vol down.

Open Recovery

  1. Select Recovery by using vol down, press Power to select.

  2. Wait. This takes a while.

  3. You will now see a screen with a picture of a phone with a red exclamation mark on it. Press in power button, keep it pressed, and press volume up button shortly (do not keep it pressed). Release power button.

  4. You will now see a menu with yellow text on-top of it.

  5. Select Wipe Cache partition with vol down. Press Power to select. Now it wipes the cache partition. Done!

  6. It should now have marked Reboot system now. Press Power to select. Phone will now reboot to normal mode.