Android - How to stop touchpal providing a daily summary?

It seems they recently added an option to disable it:

TouchPal -> Settings -> General Settings -> uncheck Daily Summary

The new interface to disable daily summary (22 Nov 2016):

TouchPal--> Settings--> Look & Feel --> uncheck Daily Summary

In Touchpal 2016, got to settings, looking & feel, and uncheck daily summary towards the bottom of the listing.

Install an old version (eg., you can search for it online. Mind that installing apps from outside the app store could be VERY dangerous. Please be careful.

You may have to uninstall Touchpal first and then install the old version.

Then in the Play Store app, disable automatic updates for all the apps. When you have some updates pending, do a "update all" and quickly open the Touchpal app store entry and cancel the update just for Touchpal.

This is my hand-made solution. I am "stuck" on version and it works well so far. My touchpal has a christmas-themed icon but that's it.