Should .last_build_id be commited?

I do not think it is necessary to commit this. This is kind of like a binary file itself, everytime you make a change and run a program, the file will change. last_build_id should be put into the .gitignore.


Have you a .gitignore-File? If yes, I would prefer to add default gitignore settings for flutter projects in your own gitignore-file.

Here an example how my gitignore looks like for a flotter project (inkl. /ios/Flutter/.last_build_id):

# Miscellaneous

# IntelliJ related

# The .vscode folder contains launch configuration and tasks you configure in
# VS Code which you may wish to be included in version control, so this line
# is commented out by default.

# Flutter/Dart/Pub related

# Web related

# Symbolication related

# Obfuscation related

# Exceptions to above rules.

You can also add specific settings (files or folder) and edit the gitignore. But on this website you can generate a gitignore for flutter with the respective content.