Console.error: no permission handler detected.(React Native)

Added these in podFile

  permissions_path = '../node_modules/react-native-permissions/ios'
  pod 'Permission-LocationAlways', :path => "#{permissions_path}/LocationAlways/Permission-LocationAlways.podspec"
  pod 'Permission-LocationWhenInUse', :path => "#{permissions_path}/LocationWhenInUse/Permission-LocationWhenInUse.podspec"

Then run pod install For me this worked.

You just have to install RN Permissions and make changes to the podfile and info.plist. Depending on what you need the permissions for, you get the pods. If you're not sure, do them all. You can find the code at There are also some other things you may have to do-those I didn't talk about but are in the npm documentation in the link.

Thanks to @Raghav Herugu for helping me solve the problem