npx: the shell-auto-fallback argument has been removed

Try removing the npx plugin from plugins=(...) in .zshrc. I had the same problem and that solved it for me.

Per the Readme for npx plugin in OhMyZsh github repo,

Since npm v7, npx has been moved to npm exec. With the move, the --shell-auto-fallback argument for npx has been removed:

Shell fallback functionality is removed, as it is not advisable.

When using npm v7, you'll get this error:

npx: the --shell-auto-fallback argument has been removed

If you get this error, just disable the plugin by removing it from the plugins array in your zshrc file. This plugin will no longer be maintained and will be removed in the future, when the older npx versions are no longer available.

As suggested, try removing npx from the following line in your .zshrc

plugins=(alias-finder brew common-aliases copydir copyfile docker docker-compose dotenv encode64 extract git jira jsontools node npm npx osx urltools vi-mode vscode web-search z)

.. also remove the last two line in your .zshrc

# NPX auto-fallback
source <(npx --shell-auto-fallback zsh)