F# - Using Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary.TryRemove with dotnet 5

The problem is that .NET 5 added an overload. Before there was only TryRemove (key : 'a, byref<'b> value) : bool, now the new overload TryRemove(item: KeyValuePair<'a, 'b>) : bool gets chosen. See netcore 3.1 vs NET 5

An alternative solution is to add a type annotation, e.g.

let tryRemove (key: 'a) (dict: Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary<'a, 'b>) =
   match dict.TryRemove(key) with
   | (true, v) -> Some v
   | (false, _) -> None

I have just figured out the:

let mutable v = Unchecked.defaultof<'b>

instead of

let mutable v: 'b = null

works, but it's super strange the simplified syntax with last out argument translated to tuple result does not work anymore. Does it?

It still works! See the right answer :)




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