Apple - How can I stop Parallels Desktop from listing Apps from a VM available in Spotlight?

I just figured it out after searching the sources below.

  • System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy
  • Drag your "Applications (Parallels)" folder onto the "Privacy" tab
    • I also added the folder with my Parallels VM (called "Parallels" in screenshot below) just to be sure I wasn't indexing any Parallel's info
  • Exiting System Preferences will rebuild the Spotlight index without Parallel's apps

enter image description here

Note: If you have Alfred installed, go to Alfred Preferences > Advanced > Clear Application Cache





This worked for me

Mac OS 10.14.5

Parallels Desktop 14 Business Edition version 14.0.1

You have to select Settings of the VM desired. Select Options -> Applications and Uncheck "Share Windows applications with MAC" enter image description here

Then click Disable enter image description here

This method worked for me and now when I search something in Spotlight I don't see any results from my Virtual Machine.