Apple - Sync Chrome passwords with Apple iCloud Keychain

I've created small tool to deliver your credentials from Chrome into macOS keychain. Here is a page on github

The program interacts with macOS command-line utility called security with option add-internet-password. First of all you have to manually export credetials from chrome into .csv file. There is such feature in Chrome. So, the idea is very simple - the list of credentials from file is being added into system keychain via security

You can no longer share Google Chrome passwords with iCloud Keychain. Google Chrome 45 was the last one that could do it. Since then its been removed as an option.

Perhaps reaching out to Google Support and giving them something to pass on to the devs for Chrome for Mac could inspire something.

Until they replace it, I recommend using a 3rd Party option since they work with nearly every platform and device type. Such as LastPass, Dashlane, Roboform, Keepass, 1Password, Privacy, GNOME keyring, etc.

They may work with Keychain and gather passwords saved in Chrome. Thats the only auto-sync solution that is available.

I just did that using Safari 13.1.1 (on Catalina 10.15.5).

  1. Open Chrome (if not already running) to refresh its cache
  2. Quit Chrome completely (-Q)
  3. Open Safari (if not already running)
  4. Click File > Import From > Google Chrome..., select Password (and, optionally, Bookmarks and/or History), click Import
  5. Enter login password & click Allow twice (once to use "Chrome Safe Storage" information, and once to access it)
  6. Voilà, all your preciously maintained Chrome passwords are available in Keychain across all your devices & apps!

This is a one-time operation and has to be repeated periodically; it also does not provide synchronization the other way...