Get UnsatisfiableError when Installing OpenCV for Python through Anaconda on Windows

Even I was getting conflicts while trying to install opencv via conda. Therefore I tried to use the below pip command here to install opencv.

pip install opencv-python

You will see opencv starts getting installed on your system, the size is approx 37MB

To check the version of opencv and other installed packages

Use the command:

conda list

It will list all installed packages with their version number

To use opencv in python script, use the below import:

import cv2
print(cv2.__version__) #prints the version of opencv installed

Anaconda 2019.07 , same problems , i figure it out ,that may help you.

try using conda update --all update your packages in Conda, then there will be some notifications, which means some packages need to be installed to satisfy the requests. just input 'y' to comfirm. y then opencv should be started installing after that use import cv2 cv2.__version__can print opencv's version '3.4.1'