How to resolve: 'keyWindow' was deprecated in iOS 13.0

Edit The suggestion I make here is deprecated in iOS 15. So now what? Well, if an app doesn't have multiple windows of its own, I presume the accepted modern way would be to get the first of the app's connectedScenes, coerce to a UIWindowScene, and take its first window. But that is almost exactly what the accepted answer does! So my workaround feels rather feeble at this point. However, I'll let it stand for historical reasons.

The accepted answer, while ingenious, might be overly elaborate. You can get exactly the same result much more simply: {$0.isKeyWindow}.first

I would also caution that the deprecation of keyWindow should not be taken overly seriously. The full warning message reads:

'keyWindow' was deprecated in iOS 13.0: Should not be used for applications that support multiple scenes as it returns a key window across all connected scenes

So if you are not supporting multiple windows on iPad there is no objection to going ahead and continuing to use keyWindow.

This is my solution:

let keyWindow = UIApplication.shared.connectedScenes
        .filter({$0.activationState == .foregroundActive})
        .compactMap({$0 as? UIWindowScene})

Usage e.g.: