Google Ads solution for PWA/SPA?

I've run into the same problem I have a website that has little word content but takes in input and does finds solutions for scrabble, anagrams, etc. I have tried

AdSense Media.Net PropellerAds

None of them have taken my sit as of yet. There has to a company out there that I can use. I get a decent amount of traffic and I have no interest in adding a blog or whatever to a functional website since it would only clutter up the UI.

Here we are in 2020 and I have AdSense ads working on our angular 8 sites. However, the solution goes away from a single page app. We had to setup Angular Universal to create HTML for the crawlers to see. Once that happened we got passed the 'valuable content' problem as the crawler sees nothing on a SPA. After getting an Angular Universal setup, look up how to get scripts into angular. That problem is solved here and the one we used to make ads happen: Google Adsense on Angular 2

I came across the same problem, and my pwa got rejected due to having "little to no value". Adsense definitely looks to behind the times in this respect, but with growing popularity, I hope it will be addressed soon.

Have you looked into alternatives such as