Chemistry - Chemical elements or compounds with yellowish white color

Solution 1:

  1. Aluminium(III) chloride - often described as white but samples is sometimes contaminated with iron(III) chloride giving it a light yellow color
  2. Antimony(V) oxide - pale yellow solid
  3. Bismuth(III) oxide - light yellow solid
  4. Rhodium(III) oxide - lemon yellow
  5. Cerium(IV) oxide - pale yellow-white compound
  6. Dysprosium(III) nitrate - white to pale yellow
  7. Holmium(III) oxide- Color depends on lighting condition. In daylight, it is tannish light yellow; Under trichromatic light, it is fiery orange red (Thanks @EdV)
  8. Samarium(III) oxide - light yellow
  9. Silver(I) iodide - samples can have a range of color(white to pale yellow to yellow) due to impurity and photosensitization
  10. Selenium(IV) chloride - white to faint yellow volatile solid
  11. Gold(III) chloride - pale yellow to yellow
  12. Potassium Telluride - pale yellow
  13. Thallium(III) bromide - pale yellow
  14. Some vanadate salts are light yellow

Bromium nitrate is pale yellow but not confirmed. Silver(I) bromide and lead(II) bromide are light yellow and white cream colored respectively.

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Solution 2:

Calcium hypochlorite is an example of such a yellowish white compound.

Another example would be Silver Bromide

Solution 3:

The reaction of any acid on a thiosulfate solution makes a precipitate of sulfur $\ce{S_8}$ which is pale yellow, nearly white.

Solution 4:

Undyed ("natural") nylon is yellowish-white:

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