Xcode Device Issue - Failed _shouldMakeReadyForDevelopment check even though device is not locked by passcode

I finally figure it out

  1. Connect the iphone(cable not wifi)
  2. Unpair device and quit the xcode
  3. Reconnect the iphone and Trust this computer accept Done. If you cant fix it, go to apple dev site reedit the device and do it again 1~3

check this photos enter image description here

enter image description here

I started getting the OP's error after updating my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1. Here is what worked for me to resolve the issue:

  1. Unpair the iPhone (as per answer from @Jeff above).
  2. Upgrade Xcode to latest, in my case 11.5 (which I believe is the first version of Xcode to support building to iOS 13.5.
  3. NEW: I launched Xcode after updating to 13.5 which prompted me to "Install additional required components" which I did. Xcode extra step after updating
  4. Reconnect/pair iPhone in Xcode's Devices window and Trust the computer.
  5. NEW: After pairing the iPhone make sure you check the "Connect via Network" checkbox for the newly paired iPhone. By default Connect via Network is unchecked. Important step after re-pairing device

The "NEW" steps are not steps I've seen in previous answers, so I posted this answer.

Or Xcode is just not smart enough to know that your iPhone iOS version is newer than the one supported by Xcode! I had this issue, been trying all solutions until I updated my Xcode from 11.4 to 11.5