Why pylint returns `unsubscriptable-object` for numpy.ndarray.shape?

As of November 2019:

As mentioned by one of the users in the discussion on GitHub you could resolve the problem by downgrading both pylint and astroid, e.g. in requirements.txt

astroid>=2.0, <2.3
pylint>=2.3, <2.4


pip install astroid==2.2.5 & pip install pylint==2.3.1

I don't have enough reputation to comment, but it looks like this is an open issue: https://github.com/PyCQA/pylint/issues/3139

Until the issue is resolved on their end, I would just change the line to

    print(test.shape[0])  # pylint: disable=E1136  # pylint/issues/3139

to my pylintrc file.