How to remove overscroll on ios?

I found this answer ( and just added information about deleting overscroll effect.

The overscroll effect comes from BouncingScrollPhysics added by ScrollBehavior

To remove this effect, you need to specify a custom ScrollBehavior and override getScrollPhysics method. For that, simply wrap any given part of your application into a ScrollConfiguration with the desired ScrollBehavior.

The following ScrollBehavior will remove the overscroll effect entirely :

class MyBehavior extends ScrollBehavior {
  ScrollPhysics getScrollPhysics(BuildContext context) => ClampingScrollPhysics();

You can also remove glow effect with override of method buildViewportChrome like this:

Widget buildViewportChrome(BuildContext context, Widget child, AxisDirection axisDirection) => child;

To remove the overscroll on the whole application, you can add it right under MaterialApp :

  builder: (context, child) {
    return ScrollConfiguration(
      behavior: MyBehavior(),
      child: child,
  home: MyHomePage(),

To remove it on a specific ListView, instead wrap only the desired ListView :

  behavior: MyBehavior(),
  child: ListView(

or just set physics: ClampingScrollPhysics() in the ListView

You don't need to do those fancy stuff if you only want to remove overscroll behavior on iOS. Simply, use:

  physics: ClampingScrollPhysics(),