Vuex: Call getters from action

In the action, you see the first parameter has {commit} in it. Similarly, you can pass {commit, state}. This way, you can directly access the

I think in your example, you would want to do the action because you can call the mutation from inside action itself using commit('setData').

The first parameter is there for you to use state and mutation as you prefer. Personally, I have only worked on projects where you do the action first and do mutation to store it in the app. For example, if I want to store a car info in the server somewhere, first I would do the action (and save it to remote db). Once I confirm that it saved in db, I would locally mutate in the store. This totally depends on case by case basis. But good thing is that you can mutate from inside the action

In addition to commit, actions has default injected parameters which are dispatch, getters and rootGetters. So you can simply write;

sendDataToServer({ commit, getters }, payload) to access getters.

You have access to getters inside an action:

getters: {
      return state.user

actions : {
    myAction({ getters }){
       let user = getters.getUser

Action handlers receive a context object which exposes the same set of methods/properties on the store instance, so you can call context.commit to commit a mutation, or access the state and getters via context.state and context.getters

   actions: {
            sendDataToServer(context, payload) {
                // context object contains state, commit, getters

Refer docs: