Flutter - The method was called on null

You have a CryptoListPresenter _presenter but you are never initializing it. You should either be doing that when you declare it or in your initState() (or another appropriate but called-before-you-need-it method).

One thing I find that helps is that if I know a member is functionally 'final', to actually set it to final as that way the analyzer complains that it hasn't been initialized.


I see diegoveloper beat me to answering this, and that the OP asked a follow up.

@Jake - it's hard for us to tell without knowing exactly what CryptoListPresenter is, but depending on what exactly CryptoListPresenter actually is, generally you'd do final CryptoListPresenter _presenter = new CryptoListPresenter(...);, or

CryptoListPresenter _presenter;

void initState() {
  _presenter = new CryptoListPresenter(...);

You should declare your method first in void initState(), so when the first time pages has been loaded, it will init your method first, hope it can help

Because of your initialization wrong.

Don't do like this,

MethodName _methodName;

Do like this,

MethodName _methodName = MethodName();

As stated in the above answers, it's always a good practice to initialize the variables, but if you have something which you don't know what value should it takes, and you want to leave it uninitialized so you have to make sure that you are updating it before using it.

For example: Assume we have double _bmi; and you don't know what value should it takes, so you can leave it as it is, but before using it, you have to update its value first like calling a function that calculating BMI like follows:

String calculateBMI (){
_bmi = weight / pow( height/100, 2);
return _bmi.toStringAsFixed(1);}

or whatever, what I mean is, you can leave the variable as it is, but before using it make sure you have initialized it using whatever the method you are using.