Android - VLC for Android -- resume from stopped position when clicking on History

I too was looking for this but I haven't found a direct answer for VLC on android. There is an option under Settings -> Extra Setting -> Video -> Ask confirmation to resume. But it appears to only work for video and there is currently no equivalent setting under the audio settings.

I did come across another app called Smart AudioBook Player which has this feature. Unfortunately it's not totally free like VLC but there is a free mode (I'm not 100% sure on the differences). The cool thing is it will remember your location in multiple books not just the last one you played.

Answering my own question:

I was unable to get VLC to do it, but I found the perfect alternative app for it:

Simple Audiobook Player:

It only plays audio (no video), however it can remember the "last played" history point for all my audio files.