Android - Use GCC compiler in Termux?

Another way to get gcc would be to add the community repo hosted by its-pointless at Sources are (more or less) available at

Other popular packages available includes numpy and scipy.

More information about this and other community repositories can be found in the termux wiki.

To add this particular repository to your termux environment, run:

# Get some needed tools. coreutils for mkdir command, gnugp for the signing key, and apt-transport-https to actually connect to the repo
apt-get update
apt-get  --assume-yes upgrade 
apt-get  --assume-yes install coreutils gnupg2 apt-transport-https wget 
# Make the sources.list.d directory
mkdir $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d
# Write the needed source file - Added Missing "> character on line below
echo "deb [trusted=yes] termux extras" > $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/pointless.list
# Download signing key from 
apt-key add pointless.gpg
# Update apt
apt update

(instructions taken from

This is a very interesting solution.

First download GCC for C4droid from Google Play.

Go find its apk under /data/app/com.n0n3m4.gcc4droid-#, take the APK and extract /assets/ Now extract to


Apply chmod -R 644 to the whole folder and chmod -R 755 to ARCH/bin, bin and libexec. Link gcc programs to $PREFIX/bin and you'll be able to use GCC instead of Clang. Remember to add -pie when compiling executables.