Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Hangs with "Waiting for Operation to Complete" Message

Delete the Solution's .suo (Solution User Options) file. I'm not exactly sure why the hang-on-launch happens. I assume that some option gets into a weird state, and this forces them all to reset.

Here's a related thread, where the same conclusion is reached: when .suo files become corrupt 'odd things happen'.

Visual Studio 2013

Power failure in which not using UPS , machine loses power --> 3 times now VS 2013 would hang and my solution I found was to DELETE everything in this folder


However THIS time it is not recovering.

I do have Visual Studio 2015 and it NEVER happens to VS 2015.


  1. I opened a different solution in VS 2015 which opens fine
  2. I then attempt to open the same solution that will NOT open in VS 2013 IN VS 2013 and it NOW WORKS.

:/ ODD I know.