Visual Studio long install/uninstall time?

Make sure assembly binding logging is disabled. It's easy to forget to turn it off after enabling it while debugging something, and it can slow down installing VS significantly.

This SO answer has details on running the log viewer and changing the settings.

I was uninstalling VS 2015 community version and it was taking forever to uninstall. After waiting for few hours, I left it running overnight but it was still busy uninstalling in the morning..that total time of about 15 hours...when will this thing end?

I canceled it but even that was taking time so I killed the process.

Then execute the following command to force uninstall it

vs_ultimate.exe /uninstall /force

If you have community version, you run vs_community but provide same argument, which is what I did:

vs_community.exe /uninstall /force

Run the command from where the vs_community.exe or vs_ultimate.exe is located. Look for it using dir vs_community.exe /s in C:\ drive

This uninstalled was fast, everything took like 5 to 10 minutes.