Useful customizations in .ideavimrc

Running :actionlist gives the list of possible actions

$Copy                                              <M-C>
$Cut                                               <M-X> <S-Del>
$Delete                                            <Del> <BS> <M-BS>
ActivateCommitToolWindow                           <M-0>

Here are some useful materials that helped me write my .ideavimrc:

set commands that work in IdeaVim.

Jetbrains specific actions (You can also see this list with :actionlist)

You map these actions in .ideavimrc like:

nnoremap gd :action GotoDeclaration<CR>

You can check out this or this configuration.
Also, bear in mind, that you can record a macro (Edit > Macros > Start Macro Recording), and reference it later in your .ideavimrc file like so:
nmap csw' :action Macro.surround_with_single_quote<CR> To find out action commands, use :actionlist

Basically you can safely source your ~/.vimrc, but be aware that some tricky :map commands may break IntelliJ shortcuts (that was the reason why IdeaVim switched to its own configuration file instead of ~/.vimrc). The only non-Vim command supported by now (v 0.39) is :action. You can define multi-key bindings for IntelliJ actions instead of crazy shortcuts for 3 or more fingers. For example:

nnoremap ,c :action GotoClass<CR>