Bundle not working with rbenv

I got:

rbenv: bundle: command not found

The `bundle' command exists in these Ruby versions:

after upgrade to Ruby 2.3.1

and it's solved by:

gem install rails

from working folder

Your installation is caught in a loop.

Change to a directory that is not your app, and that doesn't have a Gemfile.

Then do the usual gem install bundle (and use sudo if you need it)

Then change to your app directory, and do the usual bundle install.

Does that solve your issue?

If you need more help, can run these commands then paste the results in your question?

 $ command -v ruby
 $ command -v bundle
 $ ruby -v
 $ bundle -v

Look for any mismatch between the results and what you expect. This will help you track down what's happening. You may need to update your Gemfile Ruby version.

(Also, you may want to consider changing from rbenv to chruby because it's better IMHO with these kinds of path issues)

gem install bundler

You need to reinstall bundler for each version of Ruby you use.

Reference: github issue