undefined reference to `__imp_WSACleanup'



to your command-line instead of #pragma when compiling with MinGW

g++ src/main.cpp -o release/myApp.exe -lwsock32

I met the same problem with you. I solved it by adding a command -lwsock32. you can add the command according follow steps:

  1. tools
  2. compiler options
  3. choose general
  4. click add the following commands when calling the compilers

then you can add the above command -lwsock32.

In DevC++, navigate to Project >> Project Options (or via usually ctrl+h); then in the "Parameters" tab there is a button "Add Library or Object" and then add libws2_32.a.

The pragma you use only works for the Visual C++ Compiler and will be ignored by the gcc

#pragma comment(lib, "ws2_32")

you have to add the ws2_32.lib it manually in the makefile. like:


(I guess it was without the ".lib" at the end)

at the end of the g++ line. You have of course add the full path which I have not by hand at the moment.