How can I install a .egg Python package on Windows (attempt using easy_install not working)

You should add -m before easy_install
for example:

python -m easy_install C:\Users\Prosserc\Downloads\QSTK-0.2.6-py2.7.egg

I have finally found another place to download this from with a package that works: has a QSTK-0.2.6.tar.gz option to build it from the source code.

Unzipping this (then again once down to the .tar), I could find the file and install by going to the directory with the setup file and running:

python install

How about if you unpack the .egg (it's just a .zip in disguise), then cd into it and run python install? Will that run fine and will you then be able to import your module?

I'm saying this because if the .egg file does get put under site-packages as appropriate but you're still not able to import, this might be a problem in the code itself.