Switch panes in Atom without cmd/ctrl + k?

Check out the paner package! You can implement the usual-vim ctrl-w h etc. to move around panes by installing this and setting up the keymap. The documentation page has example keymaps.

Now if only they'd put a control key on both sides of the MacBook...

  'ctrl-right': 'window:focus-pane-on-right'
  'ctrl-left': 'window:focus-pane-on-left'

This worked for left/right. I'm still trying to figure up and down tho

This looks old, but incase anyone else stumbles on this - using the .editor context works for me:

  'ctrl-alt-cmd-shift-right': 'window:focus-pane-on-right'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-shift-left': 'window:focus-pane-on-left'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-shift-up': 'window:focus-pane-above'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-shift-down': 'window:focus-pane-below'

Also, I wonder if using cmd-left/right would also cause an issue - on OSX cmd + left/right is a default OS shortcut for HOME / END (beginning / end of line), that might also cause a conflict.