reload uitableview with new data caused flickering

Below code worked for me like a charm!


[UIView performWithoutAnimation:^{
   [self.tableview reloadData];
   [self.tableview beginUpdates];
   [self.tableview endUpdates];

Swift 4

UIView.performWithoutAnimation {

As you have guessed, flickering is caused by calling [self.tableView reloadData]; rapidly and repeatedly, especially on iOS 5.x devices. But you probably do not want to reload the entire table, you want to update just the view within the visible cells of the table.

Let's say you want to update each cell of a table to reflect the latest download % as a file is downloading. A method [downloading:totalRead:totalExpected:] gets called in my example, extremely rapidly as bytes are downloading.

This is what NOT to do... reload the table on every little update (in this example, the developer may rely on "cellForRowAtIndexPath" or "willDisplayCell" methods perform the updating of all the visible cells):

    - (void)downloading:(PPFile *)file totalRead:(long long)read totalExpected:(long long)expected {
        // Bad! Causes flickering when rapidly executed:
        [self.tableView reloadData];

The following is a better solution. When a cell's view needs to be updated, find that cell by grabbing only the visible cells from the table, and then update that cell's view directly without reloading the table:

    - (void)downloading:(PPFile *)file totalRead:(long long)read totalExpected:(long long)expected {
        NSArray *cells = [self.tableView visibleCells];

        for(MYCellView *cell in cells) {
            if(cell.fileReference == file) {
                // Update your cell's view here.

EDIT: The docs recommend the same:

Calling this method causes the table view to ask its data source for new cells for the specified sections. The table view animates the insertion of new cells in as it animates the old cells out. Call this method if you want to alert the user that the values of the designated sections are changing. If, however, you just want to change values in cells of the specified sections without alerting the user, you can get those cells and directly set their new values.