How to shut down replica set in mongodb?

1) Login to mongo shell on Secondary servers

2) Stop the secondary servers by using below command:

use admin

2] Go to Linux shell- on secondary servers and type below command:

sudo service mongod stop

For more information, Please check the below link:

I don't think the accepted answer is correct. After some googling, I found this in mongodb-user group to be the best answer.

To shutdown:
- Run db.runCommand({ replSetFreeze: numOfSeconds }) on secondaries to prevent from promoting to primary
- Run rs.stepDown(seconds) on the primary; it will check to make sure at least one of the secondaries is sufficiently caught up to oplog before stepping down. Choose a reasonably long wait time.
- Once everything is a secondary, db.shutdownServer() on everything

To start up:
- Run rs.freeze(seconds) on both secondaries with a lengthy timeout (say, 1-2 minutes)
- Bring up primary
- Use stepDown to fix in case a secondary somehow becomes primary

Simply shutting down is not enough, you have to prevent secondary nodes from promoting to primary.

Run the following commands from the Unix shell:

mongo --port 27017 --eval 'db.adminCommand("shutdown")'
mongo --port 27018 --eval 'db.adminCommand("shutdown")'
mongo --port 27019 --eval 'db.adminCommand("shutdown")'