R, generate pretty plot by dfSummary

A little update on this:

  • Always use knitr chunk option results='asis', as someone pointed in an earlier comment.
  • It is possible to generate summaries including png graphs using print():

    print(dfSummary(iris), method = "render")

  • Starting with version 0.9.0 (available only on GitHub as of Feb. 2019), markdown summaries will also include png graphs provided you specify the following arguments:

    • plain.ascii = FALSE
    • style = "grid"
    • a physical location for temporary png's (tmp.img.dir)

      dfSummary(iris, plain.ascii = FALSE, style = "grid", tmp.img.dir = "/tmp")

Additionnal tips

  • In both cases, you will (in all likelihood) need to adjust the size of the graphs with dfSummary()'s graph.magnif parameter (try values between .75 and .85).
  • Exclude a column or two to avoid overly wide summaries:
    dfSummary(iris, [...], varnumbers = FALSE, valid.col = FALSE)

You need to use results = 'asis' for the code chunk. Here is minimal reproducible example:

title: "Untitled"
output: html_document

```{r, results='asis'}
dfSummary(iris, plain.ascii = FALSE, style = "grid")


enter image description here