Android 3.3.0 update, ERROR: Cause: invalid type code: 68

I had the same problem. I was working on a project on two PCs: one at my office and one at home. In my office, after the AS 3.3 update, everything was fine but at home, after the same steps that I did at the office, the Error code 68 came out.

After a couple of hours, I figured out how to solve it. Android Studio 3.3 has the " Only sync the active variant" option enabled by default in Settings>Experimental. Disabling this feature resolved the problem. But reactivating the feature the same error shows up, even after a successful Gradle sync. So I think this isn't a complete solution, but at least now I can work.

I had the same issu with IntelliJ 2019.1, Untick this option works for me. enter image description here

Alter path JDK location to .....\Android Studio\jre