\Phi looks bad in Beamer

Rather that import a different \Phi, which will in general not be compatible in style with the pre-existing font, I instead here choose to add small serifs to the existing rendering of \Phi, calling it \altPhi. I have made it work in all math styles.

$\Phi \altPhi$
$\scriptstyle\Phi \altPhi$
$\scriptscriptstyle\Phi \altPhi$

enter image description here

With the professionalfonts class option, you can load the font of your choice. Your options include:

  • Any OpenType font with unicode-math. You can even add the \Phi symbol from another font with \setmathfont[range=\mupPhi]{SomeFont.otf} (If you select math-style=ISO, which gives you slanted uppercase Greek letters, you would override \mitPhi instead of \mupPhi.)
  • Any OML-encoded font with isomath
  • Any LGR-encoded font with mathastext
  • Any math font package
  • Any OT1-encoded font, with \DeclareMathAlphabet. (These have uppercase, but not lowercase, Greek letters.)

If you can choose which compiler and packages to use, I would recommend that you use unicode-math with a sans-serif font such as Fira Math, and compile with LuaLaTeX.

You can switch using mathastext package with the options italic and symbolgreek: but the Greek symbol are in upright mode.



\[\Phi_n(x)=\prod_{\zeta \text{ primitive }}{(x-\zeta)}\]

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