Outlook 2010 inbox unread count is wrong

Sort your emails by latest date, and look for any unread items in your inbox. If you are certain no unread emails exist, mark all messages as read:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click the folder.
  2. On the Folder tab, in the Clean Up group, click Mark All as Read.

Keyboard shortcut: Click any message in the message list, press CTRL+A, and then press CTRL+Q.

Make sure there are no rules enabled or set in your inbox!

This issue can happen if the mailbox is just set-up and/or the connection to your Exchange server is slow.

I did the advanced search for 'unread' and it found the 4 that my inbox had.

They were empty content emails.

I was able to delete them from the search window and now all is well.