OpenGLRenderer: Davey

I had the same question. It looks like a name, but the code suggests it isn't (?). From Android source file frameworks/base/libs/hwui/JankTracker.cpp, around line 177

    // Log daveys since they are weird and we don't know what they are (b/70339576)
    if (totalDuration >= 700_ms) {
        static int sDaveyCount = 0;
        std::stringstream ss;
        ss << "Davey! duration=" << ns2ms(totalDuration) << "ms; ";

The logging code was added here: Android 0e89ca2088b7e5424b35d9a564b83847dc0df84a. Maybe ask the engineer that added the code: John Reck .

This "Davey!" is here because Dave Burke, VP on Android, cares deeply about jank and performance and filed many, many, many bugs for the engineering teams. This is just a fun nod to him when the system automatically detects jank.