I can't import Python modules in Xcode 11 using PythonKit

First SO answer, so please forgive formatting / etc. I suffered through this for a while myself with different errors, but generally same issues. I hope this helps you -- a few resources to consider:

1) Pyto -- a fully embedded Python environment for iOS/Catalyst; with LXML and Python Library porting instructions <-- this is what you need to model after to run on iOS, my solution works for Mac Catalyst (Macs with Python preloaded)

2) Python Kit Tutorial -- this guy goes through, step by step, how to implement PythonKit

Here's what worked for me:

1) Disable App Sandbox in Signing and Capabilities:

In top right corner of App Sandbox, under Signing & Capabilities there is an "X", click that to remove App Sandbox

2) In "Hardened Runtime" under Signing and Capabilities: check "Disable Library Validation"

Image of checkbox for Disable Library Validation

Now, I haven't yet submitted an app to the App Store under these provisions, but at least my python files and libraries load / build / run!

UPDATE 05/15/2020:

For Mac Developer Distribution, you will have to sign all .so or .dylib's included with your app, along with the Python Interpreter and bin folder. I made a quick bash script to run through each one when done with dev.

function signThese() {
        find . -name "*.$1" | while read line; do
                codesign --force --verbose=4 --options=runtime --timestamp --sign "Developer ID Application: [INSERT YOUR CERT HERE]" $line

This will allow you to use AppSandbox in Signing and Capabilities, and all Hardened Runtime Options (as in not disabling library validation).

iOS does not have a python interpreter. thats the reason it is not being able to understand any pyhtonkit api. so the way this works for MacOS it wont work for iOS. Pythonkit does not support iOS for the same reason and has not been tested for the same.