jfrog artifactory could not validate router error

Might be helpful to anyone. I had tried many things mentioned on google to solve the issue but does not work. Finally, it gets resolved by setting up proper resources. I used 4 GB RAM and 2 core and it worked

Alexey, Do you see any error in:

  • tomcat localhost log - will be at var/log/tomcat
  • router_service.log - will be at var/log
  • access_service.log - will be at var/log

Potential issue may be -

  • your box is not allowing localhost calls (due to some security set-up), or
  • all dependent services are not starting for some other reason

Also - please check which script are you using, there is a new artifactory.sh script packed in app/bin folder, which should be used.

Alexey, I suspect ipv6 ip being picked up by the start-script, causing this.

Can you update your system.yaml (will be in var/etc/ folder) with the following and try?

        ip: <your ipv4 IP>