Intel CPU using low clock for no reason

Under some circumstances the Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework silently crash during windows start. In this case the cpu "locked" in 0.98 Ghz ( maybe maximum power saving mode).

You can check this error in the windows event log (Control Panel - Event Viewer): DPTF crash event in Event viewer

The problematic DPTF component located here: c:\Windows\System32\Intel\DPTF\DptfPolicyConfigTdp.dll

You can rename, move or delete it with administrative privileges (don't required for reboot in safe mode), restart windows, and the problem is gone.

After this modification intel dptf can change the cpu speed dynamically (based on cpu load, and preferred cpu power consumption settings).

Intel cpu beyond max speed after fix

I got same issue with my Dell, when I used a lower powered adapter.

Dell policy is to reduce CPU frequency, if you use reduced power adapter.

If this is your case, you have 2 options:

  • buy an adapter with the same wattage as original.
  • disable SpeedStep technology in your BIOS.

P.S. I got the same issue with adapter with the original power. It seems that it was some kind of


I recommend uninstalling Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework and disabling it in the BIOS.

This is not a normal built-in part of Windows and others have reported similar symptoms using it:

Windows has it's own built-in processor speed and thermal management already, which is sufficient on its own.