How to make a desktop shortcut available for all users in Windows 10




In Windows 10 Login as Administrator (Local Admin).

Go to Control Panel > File Explorer Options > click on the View tab > under Advanced settings: look for hidden files and folders > choose "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" and click "OK".

Go to C drive (C:) > Users > Public > Public Desktop

The "public desktop" folder is normally a hidden folder.

Now you can put your shortcuts in: C:\Users\Public\Desktop

Put it in this folder (exactly like below, with the % characters):


e.g. using this command:

copy file.lnk %public%\Desktop

This should be more reliable in case Users location is changed.

Bonus: other ways to open the public desktop in Explorer:

  • you can paste %public%\Desktop in Explorer location bar
  • or hit Win+R and enter %public%\Desktop