Android - How to view devices connected to hotspot on Google Pixel?

Another "uglier" workaround involves using terminal , but it has an advantage if you already have terminal installed in your device.

Simply type ip neigh in terminal and you should see an output showing connected devices' ip addresses as well as mac address (but it looks a bit cluttered though)

See screenshot:

enter image description here

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

The information in the terminal output includes :

  • IP address of connected client
  • MAC address (obscured in screenshot)
  • interface (wlan0)
  • state of connection (i.e STALE, REACHABLE etc)

Note: This does not need root permissions

Most of the solutions known to me require root (as I noted in comments). However there is a third-party application that seems to be able to handle this task as well.

Hotspot manager claims to be able to monitor all connected clients on the hotspot. It gives the MAC Address as well as IP address of connected clients

Some other features include:

  • Managing multiple WiFi hotspots for different scenarios.

  • Monitoring all connected clients to your device.

  • WiFi auto recovery: WiFi state will be recovered if the hotspot is turned off (assuming either widget or the app to toggle).

See screenshots: