how to use GlideModule on Glide 4?

Glide 4.0 need not have declare "GlideModule" in AndroidManifest.xml. You just need to following steps:

  1. YourGlideModule extends AppGlideModule, you can override function applyOptions in the YourGlideModule class.
  2. You should make project in "android studio -> build -> make project", it will generate the GlideApp class.
  3. Use the GlideApp such as GlideApp.with(this).load(imgUrl).into(glide_test_iv1)

Adding in @kevin & @brady lee answers. For Kotlin Users

 implementation ('com.github.bumptech.glide:okhttp3-integration:4.4.0'){
    exclude group: 'glide-parent'
kapt  'com.github.bumptech.glide:compiler:4.10.0'

If GlideApp can't be generated then -

Make sure you have build.gradle dependency of annotationProcessor 'com.github.bumptech.glide:compiler:4.9.0'

Make sure your UnsafeOkHttpGlideModule extends AppGlideModule and also in meta-data the android:value="" should be android:value="AppGlideModule"