Get Google Chrome to run in the background again on Windows 10

Looks like all it takes to get it to show up is have a background app installed. I used to install Dropbox for Gmail to get this functionality, but after seeing how many permissions I have to grant just to have Chrome running in the background I decided to uninstall it and make my own open source extension: Lightning Reopen.

Same effect, none of the unnecessary permissions.

Google chrome > three points in the right side top > Setting > Show advanced settings…

scroll down

system > continue running background apps when google chrome is closed

I had to install an app that runs in the background, so I installed Checker Plus, an app that's actually very useful if you have a Google email account. As long as you check "Run in background when google chrome is closed" under the "notifications" settings tab you should get the fast boot times of Chrome.

Opening Google Drive used to work but now doesn't which is a shame.