How do I get back the old Task Manager (from Windows 7) in Windows 10?

I cannot find any functionality that is in the Windows 7 task manager that is not in the Windows 8/8.1/10 task manager.

There are some differences with naming though:

  • The "applications" tab is now called "Processes".
  • The "Processes" tab is now called "Details" (and moved almost to the end), and I could enable more columns to sort by, just like the old one.
  • The "Performance" and "Networking" tab are both in the new "Performance" tab.
  • Two new tabs ("App history" and "Startup") have appeared.

Also, I don't think I have to tell you this since you mentioned improvements (and without doing this I wouldn't really call the new task manager improved), but I'm going to do it anyway just in case: Don't forget to click the "More details" button at the bottom if you don't see any tabs at all ;)

To answer the specific question about how to sort by path:

  1. Right-click the column-headers, and select "Select columns":

Enter image description here

  1. Select "Image path name":

Enter image description here

The old Taskmgr is still part of Windows 8/10. It is part of the WinPE which is stored in the boot.wim on the DVD.

Winaero extracted the old Taskmgr and provides it in a download:

enter image description here

If you are truly unsatisfied with Windows' Task Manager (for any version/reason) then as an alternative I'd suggest using the well trusted Process Explorer from Microsoft.