Find number of decimal places in decimal value regardless of culture

I used Joe's way to solve this issue :)

decimal argument = 123.456m;
int count = BitConverter.GetBytes(decimal.GetBits(argument)[3])[2];

Since none of the answers supplied were good enough for the magic number "-0.01f" converted to decimal.. i.e: GetDecimal((decimal)-0.01f);
I can only assume a colossal mind-fart virus attacked everyone 3 years ago :)
Here is what seems to be a working implementation to this evil and monstrous problem, the very complicated problem of counting the decimal places after the point - no strings, no cultures, no need to count the bits and no need to read math forums.. just simple 3rd grade math.

public static class MathDecimals
    public static int GetDecimalPlaces(decimal n)
        n = Math.Abs(n); //make sure it is positive.
        n -= (int)n;     //remove the integer part of the number.
        var decimalPlaces = 0;
        while (n > 0)
            n *= 10;
            n -= (int)n;
        return decimalPlaces;

private static void Main(string[] args)
    Console.WriteLine(1/3m); //this is 0.3333333333333333333333333333
    Console.WriteLine(1/3f); //this is 0.3333333

    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(0.0m));                  //0
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(1/3m));                  //28
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces((decimal)(1 / 3f)));     //7
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(-1.123m));               //3
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(43.12345m));             //5
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(0));                     //0
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(0.01m));                 //2
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces(-0.001m));               //3
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces((decimal)-0.00000001f)); //8
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces((decimal)0.0001234f));   //7
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces((decimal)0.01f));        //2
    Console.WriteLine(MathDecimals.GetDecimalPlaces((decimal)-0.01f));       //2