Determining if a closure is static in PHP

If binding works, the Closure will have a $this bound to it. So, just bind it and then check for the $this. If it's null, well, then it's a static Closure.

function isBindable(\Closure $closure) {
    $boundClosure = @\Closure::bind($closure, new stdClass);

    return $boundClosure && (new ReflectionFunction($boundClosure))->getClosureThis() != null; 

It seems impossible now.
You can find some debates here:
The only real workaround I use for myself now is adding ->isBindable property manually.

Here's some code I found here
Maybe will give you a few ideas

protected static function isBindable(\closure $closure)
        $isBindable = (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.4.0') >= 0);
        if ($isBindable === true)
            $reflectedClosure = new \reflectionFunction($closure);
            $isBindable = ($reflectedClosure->getClosureThis() !== null || $reflectedClosure->getClosureScopeClass() === null);
        return $isBindable;