Jboss step by step set hot deploy

  1. Edit Standalone.xml,change development to "true"
    <configuration> <jsp-configuration development="true"/> </configuration>

  2. Start JBoss.

  3. Go to ServerLocation-> standalone\tmp\vfs
  4. Sort by "Date Modified" descending
  5. Open the first folder(something like deployment*******)
  6. There will be your complete exploded war.
  7. Go to the jsps,js,css location,edit & save the changes.
  8. changes will be displayed live.

Follow this procedure to enable hot deployment enable in JBOSS

It will work on JBoos AS 7.0.1 and should work on other versions with slight changes

  1. Go to JBoss administrative panel (by default localhost:9990)
  2. Now in profile settings open Core - Deployment Scanners
  3. Turn on Autodeploy-Exploded (set to true)
  4. You can set scanner time (by default 5000 ms) to appropriate as according to you your (I prefer to set 2000, for more fast incremental publishing when I make changes in projects)

That it.

Now JBoss make HOT deploy for almost all kind of files

I think that you're looking for something like JRebel. For those who haven't had the chance to hear about it, it's a magic tool made to get rid of such annoying redeploys after every modification made in your source files.

As you're using Netbeans IDE, this a dedicated tuto explaining how to set up JRebel.