Color theme for VS Code integrated terminal

You can actually modify your user settings and edit each colour individually by adding the following to the user settings.

  1. Open user settings (ctrl + ,)
  2. Search for workbench and select Edit in settings.json under Color Customizations
"workbench.colorCustomizations" : {
    "terminal.foreground" : "#00FD61",
    "terminal.background" : "#383737"

For more on what colors you can edit you can find out here.

VSCode comes with in-built color themes which can be used to change the colors of the editor and the terminal.

  • For changing the color theme press ctrl+k+t in windows/ubuntu or cmd+k+t on mac.
  • Alternatively you can open command palette by pressing ctrl+shift+p in windows/ubuntu or cmd+shift+p on mac and type color. Select preferences: color theme from the options, to select your favourite color.
  • You can also install more themes from the extensions menu on the left bar. just search category:themes to install your favourite themes. (If you need to sort the themes by installs search category:themes @sort:installs)

Edit - for manually editing colors in terminal

VSCode team have removed customizing colors from user settings page. Currently using the themes is the only way to customize terminal colors in VSCode. For more information check out issue #6766

In case you are color picky, use this code to customize every segment.

Step 1: Windows: Open user settings (ctrl + ,) Mac: Command + Shift + P

Step 2: Search for "workbench: color customizations" and select Edit in settings.json. Page the following code inside existing {} and customize as you like.

"workbench.colorCustomizations": {