Promises in redux-saga

Could you please provide more information about your issue? I'm not sure if I understand your issue properly, but the common practice is:


function apiCallToFetchPost(id) {
  return Promise.resolve({name: 'Test});


function* fetchPostSaga({id}) {
  try {
    const request = yield call(apiCallToFetchPost, id);
    // -> in post reducer we will save the fetched data for showing them later 
    yield put({type: FETCH_POST_SUCCESS, payload: request}); 
  } catch (error) {
    yield put({type: FETCH_POST_SUCCESS_FAILURE, error})

export function* onBootstrap() {
  yield takeLatest(FETCH_POST, fetchPostSaga);

There's a package that does exactly what the OP requested, i.e. arranges that dispatch() can return a promise: @adobe/redux-saga-promise Using it, you define a "promise action" creator via:

import { createPromiseAction } from '@adobe/redux-saga-promise'

export const fetchPostAction = createPromiseAction('FETCH_POST')

The dispatch() of a "promise action" will return a promise:

await dispatch(fetchPostAction({ id: 'post-id' }))

The saga might look like:

import { call, takeEvery }        from 'redux-saga/effects'
import { implementPromiseAction } from '@adobe/redux-saga-promise'

import { fetchPostAction } from './actions'

function * fetchPostSaga(action) {
  yield call(implementPromiseAction, action, function * () {
    const { id } = action.payload
    return yield call(apiCallToFetchPost, id)

export function * rootSaga() {
  yield takeEvery(fetchPostAction, fetchPostSaga);

It will resolve the promise with the value returned by apiCallToFetchPost or reject if apiCallToFetchPost throws an error. It also dispatches secondary actions with the resolution/rejection that you can access in a reducer. The package provides middleware you have to install to make it work.

(Disclaimer, I'm the author)