Can't enter iLO3 at bootup (HP ProLiant DL360 G7)

Solution 1:

The key to entering the ILO BIOS setup utility on current-firmware G6 or G7 ProLiants is to follow the prompts very carefully and get the timing just right...

Note: You can also configure the ILO directly from the HP SmartStart DVD included with the system. Also, there's a way to script the ILO and BIOS configs in a pre-boot environment (see: conrep). This may be helpful given the number of systems you have to build.

I'm running this step-through on an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 server to show you the critical points to make your keyboard selections.

1:08 - Black screen to first display
0:41 - Temperature and sensor registration (Press any alpha-key when prompted)
0:04 - SATA DVD initialization
0:10 - Time before ILO3 prompt (Press `F8` for ILO3 configuration)

The "Sea of Sensors" POST routine takes roughly 1:50 from the first screen prompt (on a warm-boot) to step through RAM checks and to register the sensors. After the ambient temperature display, you will receive a prompt to "Press any key to view Option ROM messages" - Press any alpha-key on the keyboard at this point. enter image description here

From that point, you'll have < 0:14 to the point where the ILO3 configuration prompt surfaces. Press F8 as soon as you see the message. You have a 2-second window to do so. enter image description here

Here, you can make your ILO changes and save them. The system will continue booting once you exit the BIOS utility. enter image description here


One more item if you're really having a problem getting the prompt. You can set the ILO Security DIP switch on the server's motherboard. Are these systems completely new, or was some configuration applied by another party?

Identify the system maintenance switch (#2 in the diagram below) and flip the switch in position #1 to ON. Reboot and follow the same sequence in the diagrams above, but you'll get a prompt to get into the ILO config at the right time.

enter image description here

Solution 2:

For some reason the only way I was able to get it was, when seeing the "press any key for bios messages", I hit F8. Then the screen flashed and began showing BIOS messages. As soon as it began showing iLO configuration info, it brought me into the iLO configuration menu. Weird. It may just be the way they're preconfigured when they hit our company.