Can I delete container images from Google Cloud Storage artifacts bucket?

For those of you seeing this later on, I ended up deleting the folder, and everything was fine.

When I ran Google Cloud Build again, it added items back into the bucket, which I had to delete later on.

As @HarshitG mentioned, this can be set up to happen automatically via deletion rules in cloud storage. As for myself, I added a deletion step to my deployment GitHub action.

I have solved this problem by applying a deletion rule. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the project in Google Cloud console
  2. Open the storage management (search for "Storage" for example).
  3. In the Browser tab, select the container us.artifacts....
  4. Now, open the Lifecycle section. You should see something like:

enter image description here

  1. Click on Add a rule and provide the following conditions:
    1. In the action, select Delete object
    2. In the conditions, select Age and enter for example 3 days
  2. Click on create to confirm the creation

Now all objects older than 3 days will be automatically deleted. It might take a few minutes for this new rule to be applied by Google Cloud.

Same issue. Thanks for the update, Caleb.

I'm having the same issue, but I don't have an App running; I just have:

  • Firebase Auth
  • Firestore
  • Firebase Functions
  • Cloud Storage

Not sure why I have 4GB stored in those containers, and I'm not sure if I should delete them or if that would break my functions.

UPDATE: I deleted the container folder and all still works. Not sure if those are backups or whatnot, but I can't find anything online or in the docs. I will post here if something happens. As soon as a cloud function ran, the folder had 33 files again.

Here is the reference to the documentation.

Built container images are stored in the app-engine folder in Container Registry. You can download these images to keep or run elsewhere. Once deployment is complete, App Engine no longer needs the container images. Note that they are not automatically deleted, so to avoid reaching your storage quota, you can safely delete any images you don't need. For more information about managing images in Container Registry, see the Container Registry documentation.

This can be automated by adding a Lifecycle rules like @HarshitG mentioned. enter image description here